Cinch Audio Recorder

This recorder was released quite recently and immediately attracted attention with aggressive advertising. Some blogs and suspicious sites describe it as the best recorder for streaming audio. Is it really that good and what new features does it have? Let’s check.

Main features

To my sincere surprise, the developer consider the main feature of this recorder is the support for 320kbs bitrate. Are you serious? All the recorders that I’ve seen in the last 20 years support this bitrate. In fact, the use of such high bitrate does not make sense. Most audio streams are transmitted with 128kbps bitrateĀ  and saving them at 320kbps only spends space on the hard drive, listener will never hear a difference in quality. What about the other formats? They are not here.
The second disappointment you will experience when you try to record music in your absence, because there is no recording scheduler. Adjusting the recording level and normalizing the volume? Forget about them.


This is the only thing that did not disappoint in this recorder. The interface looks quite modern and very convenient to use. For some unknown reason, it stretches only in height or go to the full screen. You can not adjust the width. I think that the developers will fix this quickly enough. Otherwise, I do not have any complaints about usability.

Additional features

As additional feature there is a built-in editor, but it only allows you to cut out a part of the audio track for the ringtone and nothing more. Another positive thing is the ability to recognize music and automatically add tags. Recognition works well and guesses 8 songs out of 10. If the tags are defined incorrectly, you can edit them manually.


To my regret, the recorder disappointed me a lot. The release of such a program in 2017 looks simply ridiculous. In many ways, it loses much to its competitors. The main attention developers gave to a beautiful interface and a false PR. Do not waste your time downloading 14 megabytes of garbage.

Cinch Audio Recorder

29.5 USD





Easy to use







  • Auto-tagging
  • Modern GUI
  • HiDPI support


  • Lack of features
  • No scheduler
  • No FLAC support
  • No M4A support
  • Large download size


I'm a professional software developer with more than 15 years of experience. Most of the products that I evaluate are dedicated to sound processing. This is ideal for me, because as a developer and audiophile, I constantly discover something new and useful for myself.

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  1. Tom Newman says:

    Downloaded this a week ago and purchased the license. It throws errors when and then stopped running all together. I’m trying to get my money back now. I highly recommend against this product!

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